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Freshers Welcome

The Certificate in Acting course is an engaging and often exhilarating first step for actors. You don’t need any experience to dive right in.

Made For You

The Certificate Course exercises and projects are based on our full-time course – no theory, lots of activity, scene work, improvisation, and filmed exercises.

Do More

Certificate in Acting graduates are eligible to get our casting help after finishing the course. Many CC grads have gone on to become working actors.

  • The BJAS part-time Certificate in Acting course in Mumbai and Delhi is a fast-moving, totally enjoyable introduction to acting.
  • The Certificate in Acting course includes all the basics with exercises for voice, mind and body, scene work and filmed projects.
  • Group and solo work in the Certificate course are great for personal development and confidence building.
  • The BJAS Certificate in Acting Course is based on our professional Diploma in Film Acting Course.
  • The Course is conducted mainly in Hindi, with English for non-Hindi speakers or by student preference.

Course Fees

Course Fees: ₹50,000.00 Excluding GST
Total Fees: ₹59,000
In Delhi and Mumbai:
Payable 50% (INR 29500) before course opens and 50% within one month of course opening.

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Our Upcoming Certificate in Acting Courses

September 14, 2024
Deadline: September 29, 2024
Mon - Fri

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