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About Diploma in Film Acting

Unlock your potential with our Diploma in Film Acting program. Our top-rated professional acting classes will help you develop your skills and give you a competitive edge in the film industry. Enroll now in our acting classes and become a successful actor!

  • An intensive, comprehensive and challenging professional course
  • Over 20 years as India’s career course for actors
  • Dozens of working graduates in films, theatre, and more
  • International techniques to “turn you inside out” so you can Become an Actor
  • Extensive work on scripted, filmed scene work and student-directed projects
  • Portfolio, audition and the business of acting are all covered in detail
  • Our signature Diploma in Film Acting Course is a 16-week, intensive experience.
  • Beyond the basics of acting, the course includes work on advanced acting techniques, acting for the camera projects, and filmmaking assignments.
  • Students are involved in filmed projects and a number of advanced film acting exercises before producing their own short films.
  • Intensive project work includes screenwriting, storyboarding, and directing. This demanding work prepares the student for the real world of film and television acting.

Your Body

Your body holds your voice, mind, breath and senses, providing your means of expression and communication.

The Voice

We work on your breathing, voice and clarity, accent and diction in Hindi, projection and register.

The Mind

To become a truthful actor, you need to access dormant parts of your mind, so your thoughts, mood and emotions are working together.

Acting Is Doing

Students are challenged with acting exercises, scene work, and film shooting experience. Improvisation is vital part of all of these.

Course Fees

Course Fees: ₹175,000.00 Excluding GST
Total Fees: ₹206,500
In Delhi and Mumbai:
Payment 50% (INR 103250) at registration, balance within one month of course opening.

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Our Upcoming Diploma in Film Acting Courses

August 19, 2024
Deadline: September 3, 2024
Course Duration: 4 Months
Mon - Fri

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