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For over 25 years, Barry John Acting Studio has been one of the best acting schools in Delhi and Mumbai, with BJAS graduates working in the top levels of the film industry in India and abroad. BJAS is consistently ranked in the top 10 acting schools in India.

BJAS acting classes in Delhi and Mumbai are designed to take students on a journey to Become an Actor. Using a step-by-step series of exercises, projects, filmed scene work and other modules, BJAS acting classes have proven to be successful in turning out actors who can take on any role.

Our Courses

Weekend Filmmaking

An action-packed intro to Filmmaking, the Weekend course covers camera, lighting, sound, script, production, and editing in Delhi

Young Actors Club

Theatre / Film for children 8 to 15. Weekends and Summer in Delhi. Kids work on creativity, confidence and cooperation. Performance or film in each course.

Certificate in Acting

Delhi, Mumbai
An introduction to acting and theatre, with lots of personal development. Three months, part-time Weekend Course in Mumbai and Delhi.

Diploma in Film Acting

Delhi, Mumbai
The Diploma in Film Acting Course is India’s Career Course for Actors. This full-time course will prepare you for your professional acting career.

Alumni & Friends

Barry John Acting Studio has hundreds of alumni who are working in film and TV from Bollywood to Hollywood and beyond. These are a few of them. We’ve included some who were part of Theatre Action Group in Delhi (1973 – 1998) which for many was a training ground for entry into Bollywood.

Manoj Bajpayee

Shahrukh Khan

Freida Pinto

Varun Dhawan

Richa Chadda

Kunal Kapoor

Rana Daggubati

Arjun Kapoor

Our Upcoming Courses

July 13, 2024
Deadline: July 28, 2024
Mon - Fri
September 14, 2024
Deadline: September 29, 2024
Mon - Fri

Why Choose BJAS?


Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program offers a well-rounded curriculum that goes beyond the basics, providing a thorough understanding of acting in both theatre and film.


Individual Attention

We prioritize individual attention and feedback. With double the time dedicated to each project, we focus on the nuances of acting, allowing for personalized guidance and fostering the growth of each participant.


Project Variety

From group performances to pairs and solos, our course exposes you to a variety of projects. All projects are recorded and provided to you upon course completion, offering a valuable portfolio to showcase your skills in the industry.


Cultural Flexibility

Conducted mainly in Hindi, with English support for non-Hindi speakers or based on student preference, our course accommodates a diverse range of participants.


Practical Focus

Our approach is hands-on, with no excessive theory. The exercises and projects are derived from our full-time course, emphasizing practical skills such as scene work, monologues, solos, improvisations, and filmed exercises.


Confidence Building

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, our courses serves as an excellent starting point for those aspiring to excel in acting, theatre, and personal growth.

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